Deadlift 12 week block + Peak Week 13

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Deadlift 12 week block + Peak Week 13

Highlights -
- regulated intensity weeks 1-7
- weekly increasing intensity after week 7

Lifters choice:
-pick your own accessory lifts/ sets/ reps
-list is for examples, but can be used

6 weeks volume block 
Week 1 3x5 @ 82.5%
Week 2 1x7+ Amrap @ 82.5%
Week 3 4x3 @ 85%
Week 4 3x5 @ 85% 
Week 5 1x7+ amrap @ 85%
Week 6 6x3 @ 80%

1 week intensity ramp
Week 7- 
Top set 1 x 3 @  90%

5 week strength block-
Week 1- 3x3 @ 85%
Week 2- 4x2 @ 87.5% 
Week 3- 3x3 @ 90%
Week 4- 4x2 @ 92.5%
Week 5- 3x1 @ 95%

Peak- week 13-
1x1 work up to max of 105-110+%

Accessories - example list :
Deficit deadlift
Rack pulls 
Dumbbell or barbell row
Chin up/pull up 
Straight leg/Romanian deadlift 
Good mornings


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