Hybrid Powerlifting Program- Brandon Musselman @brandonmusseltrainer1

Hybrid Powerlifting Program - Brandon Musselman @brandonmusseltrainer1

The Hybrid Powerlifting Program is built by Brandon, from the Musseltrainer, designed to push you to near peak limits! You'll get you main lifts or a variation of the main lift twice a week, with accessory work that will train you in every plane for maximum strength grains, and to keep range of motion where it should be, last thing any lifter needs is limited ROM, you'll lose massive amounts of power and strength.

The first lift on the program is your main lift for the day, each week your percentage will increase... Make it count on week 3, this when your projected 1RM max will increase depending on how many reps you get on your AMRAP! The second lift of the day is a variation of your main lift, so work on technique, and build your speed up, speed, and technique move heavy weights. Every movement after that is your accessory work, accessories are 80% of your main lift, so the accessories may not be your favorite, but it's the things we hate we need the most of. Week 4 will be deload! Drop that weight down. Good week to dial in form even more.  If it says dynamic next to the exercise, really lighten the load and do the movement fast and explosive! This will aide in recovery by promoting more blood flow to the muscles being worked.


Garage Gym Powerlifting
Squat Notes DATE-DATE
Bench 0 Warm up each main lift as needed, typically 2-4 light weight sets of 5-8 reps
Deadlift 0 Leave notes on changes, missed reps, if something felt heavy/too light.
If Deadlift numbers are smaller then using 45lb plate try to use bumpers or stack plates to place weight on to reach regular height.
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Monday Reps Weight Notes Reps Weight Notes Reps Weight Notes Reps Weight Notes
Squat 5x5 LBS
Squat 2x2,4x4, 1xAMRAP LBS
Squat 1x5,1x3,1x2,2x1,1xAMRAP LBS
Squat 3x5 Deload LBS
70% of 1RM 65% 1RM 50% 40%
70% of 1RM 70% 1RM 60% 50%
70% of 1RM 70% 70% 60%
70% of 1RM 75% 75%
70% 75% 80%
75% 85%
2Inch Deficit Deads 4x5 LBS
Rack Pulls 4x5 LBS
2Inch Deficit Deads 4X5 LBS
pause dead 4x5 LBS
70% of 1RM 80% 75% 70%
70% of 1RM 80% 75% 70%
70% of 1RM 80% 75% 70%
70% of 1RM 80% 75% 70%
Leg Extension Superset Hamstring Curls 2x12 LBS/LBS
DB Step Ups Superset DB Hamstring Curls 2x10 Each Leg Step-up 2x20 Hamstring curls LBS
DB Walking Lunges Superset Calf Raise 2x20TTL Lunges, 2x20 Calf Raise LBS
Leg Extension Superset Hamstring Curls 2x40 Each Lite LBS
DB Lateral Lunge Superset Side Planks 2x10 each side Lunge, 2xMax Time Plank each side LBS/LBS
Abductor Superset Adductor 2x20 Both LBS
Narrow Stance Leg Press Superset Leg Lifts 2x12 Leg press, 2xMAX leg lifts LBS
BW Static Lunge Superset Bench Knee Tucks 2x20 Each leg, 2x50 Knee Tucks LBS
Wide Stance Leg Press Superset V-up Hold 2x20 Leg Press, 2xMax Time V-up LBS
DB Sumo Goblet Squat Superset Cable Crunches 2x20 Both LBS
Single Leg Extensions Superset Plank Leg Lifts 2x10 Each Leg, 2x40 TTL Plank LBS
Broad Jumps 2x20 LBS
Sled Push AMRAP 10 Min 10 Min Amrap LBS
Box Jumps 2x10 LBS
Sled Push AMRAP 10 Min 10 MIN AMRAP LBS
BW Box Squat Superset Crunches 2x50 dynamic finisher squat LBS
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Wednesday Reps Weight Notes Reps Weight Notes Reps Weight Notes Reps Weight Notes
Bench Press 5x5 LBS
Bench Press 2x2,4x4,1xAMRAP LBS
Bench Press 1x5,1x3,1x2,2x1,1xAMRAP LBS
Bench Press 3x5 Deload LBS
70% 65% 50% 40%
70% 70% 60% 50%
70% 70% 70% 60%
70% 75% 75%
70% 75% 80%
75% 85%
BB Overhead Press 2x5 LBS
BB Overhead Press 2x5 LBS
BB Overhead Press 2x5 LBS
BB Overhead Press 2x20 LBS
70% 75% 80% 40%
70% 75% 80% 40%
DB Incline Press Superset DB Tricep Overhead Extension 2x10 Incline, 2x20 Tricep LBS
Decline Bench Superset BB Tricep Press 2x10 Bench, 2x15 Tricep LBS
DB Reverse Grip Flat Bench Superset DB Skull Crushers 2x10 Bench, 2x20 Tricep LBS
DB Incline Chest Fly Superset Bench Dips 2x20 Both lite speed work LBS
DB Close Grip Bench Superset Tricep Pushdowns 2x12 Bench, 2x20 Tricep LBS
DB Regular Grip Chest Fly Superset Tricep Rope Pushdowns 2x12 Fly, 2x20 Tricep LBS
Static Incline Press Superset Single Arm DB Tricep Extension 2x20 TTL Press, 2x12 Each arm tricep LBS
Machine Seated Chest Press Superset Rope pushdowns 2x40 Both light speed work LBS
Close Grip (V-Bar) Leaning Back Pulldown Superset Staright Bar Face Pulls 2x12 Both LBS
Cable Straight Arm Pulldown Superset Cable Reverse Fly 2x12 Both LBS
BB Bent over rows Superset Cable Seated High Row 2x12 Both LBS
DB Seal Rows Superset DB Seated Reverse Fly 2x40 Both Dynamic finisher LBS
Hanging Leg Raise 3xMAX LBS
Decline Sit-ups 3xMAX LBS
Cable Torso Rotation 3xMAX Each side LBS
Superman's 3xMAX LBS
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Friday Reps Weight Notes Reps Weight Notes Reps Weight Notes Reps Weight Notes
Deadlifts 5x5 LBS
Deadlifts 2x2,4x4,1xAMRAP LBS
Deadlifts 1x5,1x3,1x2,2x1,1xAMRAP LBS
Deadlifts 3x5 LBS
70% 65% 50% 40%
70% 70% 60% 50%
70% 70% 70% 60%
70% 75% 75%
70% 75% 80%
75% 85%
Front Squat 3x5 LBS
10 Second Pause Squat 3x5 LBS
Box Squat 2x5 LBS
Squat 2x20 LBS
60% 55% 75% 40%
60% 55% 75% 40%
60% 55% 75% 40%
KB Swing Superset Drag Curls 2x20 Swing, 2x10 Curl LBS
DB SIngle Arm Rows Superset Incline Bicep Curls 2x10 Each Side Row,2x10 Curls LBS
BB Reverse Grip Row Superset BB Bicep Curl 2x10 Both LBS
Pull-ups 2xMax LBS
Wide Lat PullDown Superset Hammer Curls 2x10 Both LBS
Chest Supported Row (Both Arms) Superset Preacher Curl 2x10 Both LBS
Behind Neck Lat Pulldown Superset BB Reverse Grip Curl 2x10 Both LBS
Bicep 21s 2x21 LBS
Banded Goodmorning 2x20 LBS
Back Extensions 2x20 LBS
Wide Stance BB Goodmorning 2x20 LBS
Swimmers 3xMAX LBS
Oblique Crunch 2xMax Each side LBS
Double Crunch 2xMax LBS
Toe Reach 2xMax LBS
RussianTwist 2xMax LBS
Monday Reps Weight Notes Reps Weight Notes Reps Weight Notes Reps Weight Notes
BB Press 5x5 LBS
BB Press 2x2,4x4.1xAMRAP LBS
BB Press 1x5,1x3,1x2,2x1,1xAMRAP LBS
BB Press 3x5 LBS
70% 65% 50% 40%
70% 70% 60% 50%
70% 70% 70% 60%
70% 75% 75%
70% 75% 80%
75% 85%
Bench (Start wide, each set bring grip in a bit) 4x5 LBS
5 sec Pause Bench 4x5 LBS
Tempo Bench 3 sec down, 3 sec pause, explode up 4x5 LBS
Bench 4x20 speed work LBS
70% 70% 65% 50%
70% 70% 65% 50%
70% 70% 65% 50%
70% 70% 65% 50%
Arnold Press Superset Underhand Tricep Pulldown 2x20 Both LBS
Nuetral Grip Shoulder Press Superset Cable Overhead Tricep Extension 2x20 Both LBS
Chest Supported Incline Front Raise Superset BB Skull Crushers 2x20 Both LBS
BB Row Superset Hanging Oblique knee Tucks 2x40 lite , 2x40 TTL Knee tucks LBS
DB UpperCuts Superset Push-ups 2x20 Uppercut, 2xMax Push-ups LBS
Cable Low Pulley FLy Superset Dips 2x12 Fly, 2xMax Dips LBS
BB Behind Head Press Superset Incline Push-ups 2x12 Press, 2xMax Push-up LBS
DB Lateral Raise Superset Decline Push-ups 2x40 lite LBS
Seated V-bar Row Superset Backextension 2x20 Both LBS
Pull-ups Superset Cable Cruches 2xMax Pull-ups 2x20 Crunches LBS
V-Bar Lat pulldown Superset Full Sit-ups 2x20 V-Bar 2xMax Sit-ups LBS
Seated Banded Shoulder press Superset Banded tricep pushdown 2x40 Both dynamic finisher LBS



Muscle & Mirth / Garage Gym Powerlifting strongly recommends that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program.

You should be in good physical condition and be able to participate in the exercise.

Muscle & Mirth / Garage Gym Powerlifting is not a licensed medical care provider and represents that it has no expertise in diagnosing, examining, or treating medical conditions of any kind, or in determining the effect of any specific exercise on a medical condition.

You should understand that when participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge Muscle & Mirth / Garage Gym Powerlifting and its affiliates from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown.

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