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Starting Strength - Mark Rippetoe

Starting Strength Overview Starting Strength alternates two workouts on a 3 times a week training frequency. The workouts are as following: “A” Day:Squat: 3×5Bench: 3×5Deadlift: 1×5 “B” Day:Squat: 3×5Overhead Press: 3×5Power Clean: 5×3 Starting Strength Two Week Cycle: Week 1:Mon: Day “A”Wed: Day “B”Fri: Day “A” Week 2:Mon: Day “B”Wed: Day “A”Fri: Day “B” Lifters add a fixed amount of weight to each exercise every training session. Typically, 5lbs on the squat, 10lbs on the deadlift, and 2.5lbs on the upperbody lifts and power cleans. This is an overload method known as linear progression. Starting Strength is billed as a general strength program.  Programming When you “stall” on Starting Strength, defined as not completing your 3×5 for three straight workouts...

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